Manufacturing Facilities

Helping manufacture customer-centric solutions.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are flexible and consistently delivers orders promptly and reliably. We have consistently modernised by regularly investing in manufacturing processes. Our investments in our facilities are geared towards reducing delivery time, improving processes and delivering quality and consistency. 

Our manufacturing set-up is tooled for in-house machining of critical parts like Crankcase, Connecting rod and dynamic balancing of Crankshaft and Motor pulleys etc. Our flexible and optimized set-up can change over time to produce any model based on customer requirements, starting from 1 cylinder to 12 cylinder compressors. Our pre-treatment shop covers 100% stress relieving & phosphating of each Crankcase while our machine shop is equipped with the latest CNC machines like HMC & VMC, Balancing machines, VTL and in-line quality gates to generate records. Our assembly line is equipped with torque tools to deliver a precise range of torques and quality gates at various locations generate real time quality data.

Heat Treatment Facility

Why Heat treatment required

KPCL supplies gears & gearboxes for all critical application where wear resistance at surface is critical & core toughness to be retained simultaneously.

It calls for controlled heating & cooling to alter mechanical properties of Steel at desired location to suit application its designed for. Microstructure of steel is modified to achieve fine tempered martensite at CASE (Surface) & Low carbon martensite at CORE. Retained Austenite % can be restricted within 5%.

KPCL scada controlled facility has state of art machinery at helm of skilled task force to achieve required results as per Design specification with minimum rejection & rework.

In-house Shot pinning Facility improves fatigue life & induced compressive strength of Heat treated component.

Capacity -

Furnace type Tonnage Capacity No of Furnaces MAX Dimensions for Charge
Pit type Electrical Furnace - Gas Carburising Furnace 1 3 Dia 1000 X 1390 mm 
  2 1 Dia 1300 X 1800 mm
  3 1 Dia 1500 X 1600 mm

Quench Tank capacity -

  • Tank No.1 :- Round tank with Ø1200 mm and depth 2000 mm having volume 20000 Ltrs.
  • Tank No.2 :- Rectangular tank with size (L X W X H in mm) 7700 X 1900 X 2500 and capacity 32000 Ltrs

Salient Features -

  • Process controlling is by SCADA software. No manual intervention hence precise control on process.
  • SCADA system facilitated with alarm system and real trend charts.
  • Periodic calibration of furnaces by thermal mapping and nine point study.
  • All sensors are calibrated in NABL laboratories.
  • Minimum temperature variation across entire volume of furnace.
  • Compatibility of processes like Case Carburising, Hardening, Tempering, Stress Relieving, Annealing, Normalising, Volume Hardening etc.
  • Quenching Process is insulated from electric power failure through dedicated Diesel Generator.